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Core functions

SciCloud is a service-based submission and review system for scientific and technological journals. Users are authors, editors, reviewers, etc. Authors may submit and revise manuscript files and data. Editors can conduct review, submission and final review. Reviewers can accept or reject the review, and submit review comments.


1.WeChat applet and mobile phone message reminder function. Through the SciCloud WeChat applet, authors, editorial board members, reviewers and editors can realize synchronous use of the mobile terminal after logging in to the bound journal; by following the SciCloud WeChat official account, they can receive manuscript status information and message reminders in real time.


2.Automatic plagiarism check for academic content Integrates CrossCheck and "CNKI Academic Misconduct Document Detection Tool" to help journal editors complete the one-stop detection of Chinese and English academic content. Record the IP address of the contributor, conduct multiple submission detection in the system, check the agency's contribution, integrate cRedit author contribution role classification, and clarify the author's contribution. At the same time, it supports the FigCheck image plagiarism checking system to check the image for plagiarism.

3.The function of automatically recommending reviewers. Integrating databases such as CSCD, and by associating paper topics with subject semantics, can help editors match suitable reviewers more accurately and quickly.

4.Fee payment function module. Through this function, journals can enable authors to pay online review fees, review fees, manuscript processing fees, manuscript remuneration, etc., and support WeChat, Alipay, PayPal, etc.

5.Realization of one-click manuscript transfer. One-click forwarding of manuscripts to other protocol journals under the SciCloud platform. After the author agrees, the agreed journal can refer to the review comments of the original journal to accept or submit the manuscript for review.

6.Submissions can be obtained from preprint platforms such as ArXiv and SciPrePrint, and data can be submitted in a one-stop manner with the ScienceDB paper-associated data platform. By configuring the roles of editor-in-chief, executive editor, assistant editor, and administrator to perform authority management, it can interface with the ORCID platform. Authors And collaborators can automatically display the ORCID account number.

7.Detailed fixed reports and visual custom report tools, such as statistics of manuscripts by country or region, etc., to meet the analysis needs of editors for manuscripts.

If you encounter any problems while using the SciCloud platform, please contact the platform administrator or scan the QR code "SciEngine Platform Customer Service" WeChat official account, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible for feedback.


E-mail: sys@scicloudcenter.com

(Release date: February 22, 2023)